Through the Loophole, 2004: multimedia installation
media: digital construct consisting of digital video projection onto mylar digital print, digital wall drawing, mylar sculptures
exhibitions: Harris Art Gallery at the University of La Verne- 2000
supported by a Durfee Foundation Artists' Resource for Completion Grant

Through the Loophole places the video H2O of the Imaginary Science series within the context of a large-scale multimedia installation. The result is a picture of fluidity. Digital drawings and video imagery slip into one another; a tea party flows into an ocean view. As in a daydream, images fall together and scatter, and a disjointed narrative unravels and climbs the gallery walls. Visuals pulse from one area to another, as if an internal circulatory system were facilitating the cycle of imagery: a science of the ordinary begins to take form. Oxygenation takes place at a fancy tea party. A passing conversation suggests a fundamental theorem. Within the narrow confines of rearview mirrors and travel shampoo bottles lies the watery idea of life.