Steel Wool; 2 Humps, 2002: video installations, photography
media: automated stuffed sheep, video projections onto plaster sheep, wool sweater, and plastic toy sheep, monitors, silver prints
exhibitions: LACMA rooftop - 2002; La Panaderia in Mexico City - 2002; The Hatch Gallery in Los Angeles - 2001

Steel Wool; 2 Humps originally converted The Hatch Gallery into a room of multiple video stations, each combining the technological advances of human travel with the migration of sheep. Photographs of sheep combined with digital imagery lined the wall of the hallway, while monitors at either end revealed the farm animals placed in human situations. A small automated sheep milled among the viewers, its "baa, baa" easily integrated with the humming of humans. In Steel Wool, the video images of farm animals are spliced with the sterile environment of an airport: Sheep and escalators appear oddly compatible, Viewers pass through long cold hallways and into bright green pastures.